“I’m Not Not Gay No More” Dude Celebrates One Year Of Being Delivert

Via The Grio:

Andrew Caldwell became an internet sensation last year when he got up to the microphone at a Church of God in Christ conference in St. Louis and declared, “I’m not gay no more!” Today, Caldwell says he has become the target of bullying on social media and has had his good character damaged. “I am tired of people accusing me of various things and trying to damage my character. I’m tired of people trying to take the voice that God has given me and questioning my deliverance,” Caldwell said in a video posted to his Facebook page. “Each and every day, God takes me through a process. And I notice that I don’t switch (my hips) that much, I don’t twerk that much. I don’t do different things — because God can deliver from homosexual[ity],” Caldwell added. “I am delivered, because I am claiming it. I have not touched a man in a year. God took that desire away from me…” Later in Caldwell’s video message, he prays for men and women who are homosexual and begins speaking in tongues.

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