Headline Of The Day

Via the BBC:

A mother has been found guilty of duping her former partner into thinking she had an abortion in order to give his child to her gay friend. A jury at Perth Sheriff Court found the woman and her male friend guilty of an elaborate fraud. The court heard the pair hatched a “cynical and calculated” plot to cover up who the child’s real father was. The woman, aged 29, and her 35-year-old male friend were warned they could face up to five years in prison. Sheriff William Wood described the offence as “very serious” and paid tribute to the child’s father for his efforts to obtain justice for himself and his daughter. The 29-year-old woman claimed she had sex with her homosexual friend and thought the baby was his. But the jury did not believe this version of events and found them both guilty of carrying out a fraud against the father for nearly three years.

(Tipped by JMG reader Alex)