AUSTRALIA: Openly Gay Qantas CEO Pushes For Same-Sex Marriage

“As a gay man running the biggest iconic brand in the country, I believe Australia is a meritocracy. I’m Irish, and I’m gay, and I run this company. And when you think of the history of this country, being one of the first to give the vote to women, our progressive nature has somehow gone missing on this issue. My partner’s got three passports – New Zealand, British, and Australian. I’ve got two passports – an Irish passport and an Australian passport. Now, if the referendum in Ireland passes – and it has great support there – then the only nationality that we can’t get married on is our Australian nationality. Which is terrible! At Qantas, we’re all in unison with our support for marriage equality.” – Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, speaking yesterday at a forum to bolster corporate support for same-sex marriage.