American Family Association: Townhall Must Fire Homocon Editor Guy Benson

“The political editor of a nominally conservative website,, revealed this week that he is a practicing homosexual. Townhall, by the way, is owned by Salem Media Group, which describes its mission as ‘targeting audiences interested in Christian and family-themed content and conservative values.’ To my knowledge, Salem has yet to explain how paying an openly homosexual activist to be the political editor of its main public policy publication is consistent with this mission. If Salem leadership is to be at all true to its own mission statement, Benson must be replaced. His values on homosexuality are not Christian, family-themed, or conservative. Some such individuals call themselves ‘homocons.’ Perhaps ‘gayservatives’ or ‘gaytarians’ or some other such concoction will suffice. Just don’t call them conservatives, for that most certainly is not what they are. – Bryan Fischer, writing for the American Family Association.

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