Tony Perkins Blames Obama For Murders Of Christians In Foreign Countries

In a Fox News appearance about the president’s remarks yesterday about “less than loving Christians,” KKK-affiliated hate group leader Tony Perkins blamed Obama for the murders of Christians by Islamist terrorists in foreign countries.

“I think there’s a reason the president doesn’t want to talk about this persecution of Christians, because in part his policies are responsible. The growing hostility toward Christianity here at home is fostering an environment where tyrants and terrorists feel free to kill Christians for their faith. I am saying that his policies are fostering an environment in which tyrants and terrorists feel that America no longer places a high priority on religious freedom and the protection of the oppressed. And in that shadow that he has cast with these policies, we see more and more Christians being persecuted, their lives taken from them, in faraway places. You cannot escape the fact that what America does has consequences elsewhere.”