Today’s FRC Marriage Fasting Prayer

As part of their 21-day fast against same-sex marriage, yesterday the Family Research Council announced that angels in heaven are supporting this whole not-eating-gays-are-icky thingy. Today the FRC declares that if everybody prays for more praying then more people will totally pray.

Pray for our pastors today: that they will rise to the occasion of this critical hour: 1) That they will pray themselves, as they have never prayed before in their lives. That they will cry out to God for this covenantal, organic institution that God implanted into the fabric of mankind in the Garden. 2) Pray that they will call their churches to prayer during these final weeks and lead them into aggressive but solemn prayer. 3) Pray that they will preach on prayer and marriage and lead their congregations into crying out to God for His mercy that our Supreme Court will not dare to touch that which God created and anointed. That the fear of God will come upon each Justice.

4) Pray that churches all over America would call their people to pray in groups, conduct round the clock vigils, fasts, solemn assemblies, and telephone conference calls– all kinds of prayer. 5) Pray that they will not stand idly by but take action to make their elected leaders know that they expect them to take action if this ruling goes the wrong way. Remember the Religious Freedom Reformation Act that was passed by Congress in 1993, was to correct a wrongful Supreme Court decision that had led to the government abuse of citizen religious conscience. This is far bigger and if the Supreme Court does not rule aright men of God must lead the way to resist it.

What’s for lunch?