The Sanctity Of Game Show Marriage

In a The Price Is Right episode that aired on Friday, host Drew Carey conducted a mass wedding of audience members. Via People:

When producers pitched the idea to Carey, he was immediately on board. “I thought it was funny, not crazy,” Carey tells PEOPLE. “It was a good chance for me to have a Reverend Moon moment.” And lest anyone think this is just a gimmick for TV, Carey stresses that the contestants are legally tying the knot. “Someone in the production office got me signed up on the Iinternet to do it,” he says. “And poof, I was authorized to officiate weddings!” The episode, which taped earlier this year, went without a hitch. But there’s one thing Carey says he forgot: He’d have to personally fill out the paperwork. “I had to fill out each and every wedding certificate,” he says with a laugh. “That was a pain; there were so many of them.” 

It’s looks like that might be a lesbian couple at 0:46.

RELATED: Carey sits on the board of the libertarian Reason Foundation and supported Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential bid. But unlike Ron Paul, who cosponsored the Marriage Protection Act, Carey supports same-sex marriage and advocated against Prop 8.