TEXAS: Anti-Gay Nutjob Testifies That Gays Are Like Murderers And Rapists

Via Raw Story:

Testifying before a Texas House Committee over a bill that prohibits state or local funds from being used to issue a same-sex marriage licenses, an anti-gay activist compared gays to murderers and rapists who also, in his words, commit “immoral acts.” In audio recorded by the Texas Freedom Network, Dr. Steven Hotze, head of Conservative Republicans of Texas, engaged in a back and forth with state Rep. Sylvester Turner (D), explaining how Texas should subvert the Supreme Court — should they approve same-sex marriage — the same way the state undermines the right to legal abortions. Told by Turner that he respects people no matter how they live their lives, Hotze claimed that sexual preferences is a choice homosexuals make, just as murderers and rapists choose to commit “immoral acts.” “If you make that a standard, that it’s a person’s chosen behavior, no matter what it is, it gives them minority status? You’ve got to be kidding. Where do you stop?’ Hotze said incredulously. “Look, if people are involved in activities that are immoral and wrong, you can love them, but you don’t respect what they do and you try and help them find a way out. Whether they’re alcoholics, whether they’re murderers or adulterers. Whether they’re perverts, pornographers or whatever. You want help them. Or homosexuals, you want to help them out.”