Teabaggers Turn On Marco Rubio

According to World Net Daily, the Tea People are furious with Sen. Marco Rubio for entering the presidential race. Also, he’s not even eligible to run.

Not all are enamored with Rubio. Tea party types from his home state say they’ve moved past the Rubio wagon and are looking for a new candidate to support. “I’m through with him,” said KrisAnne Hall, a tea party activist and attorney from Florida, the Daily Beast reported.”He will never get my vote. … The overwhelming perception is that Marco Rubio is not a tea party candidate.” Another, Jason Hoyt, spoke similarly. “Once he got into Washington, he had his sights set early on higher office,” he said. “He surrounded himself with people who were going to help him navigate Washington … and in that process, he disconnected from his base.”

Rubio’s not popular with hard-core immigration activists, either. He was part of the bipartisan so-called Gang of Eight on Capitol Hill to reform immigration policy and press forward some amnesty allowances – a view many of his supporters decried as as betrayal of his conservative roots and stated platforms. Meanwhile, others contend Rubio’s not even a natural-born citizen and therefore, ineligible to seek the presidency. Rubio’s parents, as WND previously reported on at least two occasions, were not U.S. citizens at the time of his birth. Rubio was born in Miami, Florida, on May 28, 1971, to Mario and Oriales Rubio, who were born in Cuba, though the senator has not released his birth certificate for the world to scrutinize.

World Net Daily editor and birther-in-chief Joseph Farah, quite amusingly, doesn’t have the same problem with Ted Cruz.