One Million Moms Vs Disney-ABC

Just in via press release:

Dear Joe, If you didn’t know who Dan Savage is until today, it’s probably a good thing. But right now we need you to familiarize yourselves with one of the cruelest, most vile political activists in America. Why? Because ABC and Disney announced their plans to air a sitcom Dan Savage developed loosely based on his life. A perusal of Dan Savage’s work reveals a career built on advocating violence — even murder — and spewing hatred against people of faith. Savage has spared no one with whom he disagrees from his vitriolic hate speech. Despite his extremism, vulgarity, and unabashed encouragement of dangerous sexual practices, Disney-ABC is moving forward with this show, disgustingly titled “Family of the Year.” TAKE ACTION: Sign our Petition to Disney-ABC, urging them to immediately cancel plans to air “Family of the Year.” Then call Disney-ABC President Ben Sherwood at 877-660-5301. Urge him to cancel their pilot sitcom based on the life of hateful anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage.

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