OMM: Victory Over Wife-Swapping Show

Just in via email:

The first television show to be cancelled for the spring season is “Neighbors With Benefits,” thanks to your help! 1MM is praising God that children and adults will no longer be subjected to this broadcasting disaster. It aired at 10:00 p.m. ET (9:00 CT) when teens are likely still awake. And commercials for this program came on at much earlier hours when children of all ages were likely watching. Your emails helped make a difference! 1MM asked A&E network to cancel this degrading and sex-filled program immediately and followed with an email campaign urging sponsors to pull their support. Public outcry and lack of advertisers is the cause for the show’s cancellation after only two episodes! Nine one-hour long episodes were filmed. Thankfully, the majority of these will never be aired. Your support is making a HUGE difference! But to continue, 1MM needs prayer and financial support. Please consider making a donation today to help our efforts. Your voice was heard loud and clear again! Keep up the great work!

The truth, of course, is that the show was canceled due to low ratings and shitty reviews.