NOM To SCOTUS: Don’t Approve Gay Marriage Because The Surveys Are Wrong

NOM chairman John Eastman has authored an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in which he argues, among other reasons, that same-sex marriage must not be approved because surveys on the issue are designed to favor gays. From NOM’s blog:

Schubert also addressed several national surveys purporting to show majority support for same-sex marriage, including the Gallup Survey (May 2014) which claims that 55% of Americans believe that “marriages between same-sex couples should be recognized as valid with the same rights as traditional marriages.” 42% disagree. Schubert noted that the Gallup survey suffers from two flaws. First, it connects the marriage issue with “rights,” making it difficult to separate out the issue of redefining marriage from the general issue of gay rights. Second, Gallup engages in a practice called “priming” by asking a leading question about whether gay relationships should be legal (they have been legal for decades) designed to elicit support for same-sex couples right before asking respondents about support for same-sex marriage. Schubert said, “[T]he most accurate statement of public opinion on the issue of the definition of marriage is that Americans have conflicting viewpoints on the issue. Neither side has “won” the debate, but one thing is clear: It is a debate that should be resolved by voters and legislators through the democratic process, not one that is truncated and its outcome mandated by [the Supreme] Court.

The brief also warns the Supreme Court that public opinion on “judicial authority” is very low.