Local Pastors Have The Houston Sadz

“The ruling that the coalition fell 585 signatures short was a result of Judge Schaffer, who was supported in his election by the LGBT community, unfortunately accepting the constantly changing manipulations of the law by the City’s legal machine and Mayor’s team. We will not yield the safety and welfare, the voting rights and Constitutional freedoms of the citizens that have been stolen by the corrupt Parker regime. The law and the appellate courts in Texas are very strong in preserving voting rights so we are confident we will prevail. The fact that the city’s own numbers of how many valid signatures we had submitted materially changed nearly a dozen times since August illustrates how desperate they are to keep this off the ballot. The No UNequal Rights Coalition leadership confirmed they will review the decision in depth with their attorney and if needed to appeal the judge’s decision all the way to final determination by the Texas Supreme Court.” – Houston Area Pastor Council, via press release.