Jimmy Kimmel Interviews “I’m Not Gay No More” Guy About Yogurt Store Fracas

Via the St. Louis Fox affiliate:

“It’s a good thing you didn’t order hot fudge, huh? That could’ve been really bad,” host Jimmy Kimmel said. “Right, my skin would’ve been burnt,” Caldwell said. The cashier, Stephanie Diaz, was charged with third-degree assault. Diaz denies calling Caldwell a homosexual slur, adding that she is gay. Kimmel said his show contacted her to appear on the program, but her lawyers declined. “Will you be writing a negative Yelp review of the store?” Kimmel said. “Yes, I will,” Caldwell said, adding that he plans to sue the FroYo store. When asked how much he thinks he should get for his troubles, Caldwell plainly responded, “a couple million.” “That’s a lot of toppings,” Kimmel quipped.

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