FRC’s Final Marriage Fast Prayer

The final day of the Family Research Council’s 21-day fast against same-sex marriage was yesterday and their daily prayer had not been posted by the time arguments began at the Supreme Court. The prayer did appear by the end of the day, but by then it was too late for the FRC’s followers to pray that the pro-gay lawyers lose their minds or something.

Lord, how far we have departed from the Founders, but more-so, we have departed from You! Sovereign God of History, please intervene to save us. Save our children and future generations who will be taught that evil is good and good is evil if you do not intervene hurriedly! (Dt 8; Ps 144) Cause the lawyers presenting the case for natural marriage tomorrow such persuasiveness as to overwhelm the opposition. May the Justices be deeply moved by your Spirit as You Lord stand among them. We look not to man to save us, but to You! (Job 37:1; Jer 17:5-10) May the attorneys proposing a right to same-sex “marriage” be shockingly unpersuasive and may Your Spirit fill the room and every heart with conviction of sin, of righteousness and judgment! Preserve the justices and our nation from the delusion that comes upon all who “love not the truth!” (Is 5:20; 2 Th 2:10-13) Use this assault on the very soul of America as a turning point. Preserve the blessed gift of marriage in our land for our children and their children. Send a Biblical awakening that will bring our nation to its senses; draw us to repentance and bring us wholeheartedly back to You! (2 Chr 7:14; Acts 2:38)

To sum up the entire campaign, the FRC suggested that it would be better to drown gay parents than have children grow up in their households, they prayed that the three heathen Jews on the Supreme Court “bow their knee before Jesus,” and they prayed that the justices remember that all homosexuals must be executed. By comparison the other 18 prayers were just filler, really.