FRC: This Will Never Be Over

“It is difficult not to think of Roe v. Wade. At the time of Roe, states were beginning to loosen limits on abortion. Not all of them would, to be sure, but the momentum was on the side of the abortion lobby. Then the Supreme Court took the issue out of the hands of the people, declared one side the winner, and established a policy of virtually unlimited abortion nationwide. And the New York Times declared the contentious issue settled. Of course there is hardly a less-settled issue in public life today, four decades later.

“Deciding for a people disenfranchises them, embitters them and, ultimately, does not persuade. The citizens of a republic can understand political wins and losses, and when arrived at democratically even losses go down more easily. Losses do not go down easily when they are issued from powers on high. Today the Supreme Court will be urged once again to ‘settle’ a contentious issue by forcing same-sex marriage on all 50 states and nullifying the votes of over half of America. It should decline. The better way, the constitutional way, is to let the people of each state decide for themselves.” – FRC staffer Cathy Ruse, writing for USA Today.

RELATED: Ruse is married to C-FAM leader and Breitbart columnist Austin Ruse, who last year was fired from AFA talk radio after declaring that liberal college professors “should all be taken out and shot.” Austin Ruse has also denounced the United Nations for opposing the death penalty for homosexuality.