Former New York Gov. George Pataki To GOP: Shut Up About Social Issues

Via New York State Of Politics:

In the ad released by Pataki’s PAC, the former three-term governor says indulging in a debate over abortion and LGBT rights can only help one person: Hillary Clinton. “It’s simple, if we allow social issues to dominate the conversation, we will elect Hillary Clinton President,” Pataki said. The ad, released by We The People Not Washington, comes as Pataki is preparing to make his eighth trip to New Hampshire as he considers making a bid for the White House. It is not clear how big the ad buy is or where it will ultimately air. Before it was amended, Pataki had blasted Indiana’s religious freedoms law, declaring “there’s no place for discrimination in America.”

Pataki visited a Chipotle on Thursday where he made sure photographers saw him leaving a $5 tip. Wingnut sites spent the last week mocking Clinton for not leaving a tip when her campaign ate lunch at a Chipotle.