Christian Family Values Leader: “Hitlery” Clinton Is Too Ugly To Be President

“Think Evita after Botox treatments. Think Madame Defarge on a bad hair day. Think Lady Macbeth with serious issues (Out, out, damned bimbo!). Win the White House? Hillary couldn’t win a popularity contest if she was the only contestant. The Hideousness Factor: Lyndon Baines Johnson was the last profoundly ugly candidate to be elected president, and he was a legacy of the martyred JFK. Voters don’t want a leader who looks frazzled or frumpy. We’re told that Lincoln was too homely to be elected president in an age of television and paparazzi. But Lincoln’s homely face had a dignity, a gravitas. If nothing else, we want a face that reassures us, not one that scares us, a la Night of the Living Alinskyites. Conservatives might as well get in their licks in now. After Iowa, we won’t have Hillary to kick around any more.” – World Congress of Families communications director Don Feder, in a column titled “Top Ten Reasons Why Hitlery Will Never Be President.”

RELATED: In September 2014 the World Congress of Families took part in a Kremlin “family values” summit which concluded with a formal written call (released in English and Russian) for more nations to criminalize homosexuality and enact brutal anti-LGBT laws. In attendance was NOM president Brian Brown. Two weeks later, in one of the most colossal moves in the history of hypocrisy, the World Congress of Families circulated a petition against the “haters” at the Human Rights Campaign.