BarbWire Columnist Walid Shoebat Mocks Obama’s “Rag Head” Grandmother

“Obama, It was funnier to watch your grandmother riding her wheelchair in Mecca with a bunch of rag heads than having to watch you joke about Michelle Bachmann and how you prayed five times a day during your comic speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. May I suggest you start picking on your own Muslim family instead of picking on American Christians like Bachmann? You seem to make fun of Christians more than I do Muslims, while you lie at least a dozen times day, more than the five times you pray daily and less than the number of wives your brother Malik has, which they say is at least a dozen.  Michelle Bachmann never said that you are ‘the Antichrist’, an Antichrist could be any dolt who upholds Muhammad over Christ, which you, on more than one occasion did while you claimed (another lie) that you converted from Islam to Christianity, when all one has to do is plug your name on youtube adding the word Quran or Bible and see your love for Muhammad’s Quran and your disdain for Jesus’s Bible.” – BarbWire columnist Walid Shoebat, writing for his own site.

RELATED: Shoebat claims to be a former terrorist for the PLO. That claim has been thoroughly debunked by the Israeli press. His son Theodore, who is also a BarbWire columnist, regularly calls for the death penalty for homosexuality.