World Net Daily: Members Of Congress Will Go To Jail To Defy Same-Sex Marriage

According to World Net Daily, members of Congress are “lining up” to sign a document declaring their willingness to go to jail in defiance of a Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage.

A team of prominent Christian leaders is preparing a statement that will inform the public – including justices on the U.S. Supreme Court – that they will engage in civil disobedience rather than follow a ruling that establishes homosexual “marriage” in the United States. Among those leading the charge is James Dobson of Family Talk Radio, Rick Scarborough of Vision America Action, Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel and James Robison of Life Today, whose brand new publication called The Stream reported on a recent telephone conference call discussing the issue.

Stream Executive Editor Jay Richards told WND there were about 20 other Christian leaders on the call. He said members of Congress have expressed an interest in the plan, which will be disclosed in the next few days in a statement regarding marriage and the U.S. Supreme Court. However, Scarborough wasted no time in an interview with WND explaining what is, and is not, going to happen. “We’re taking a very adamant stand,” he said. “If the court declares same-sex ‘marriage’ to be on the same par as a civil right, that’s a bridge too far. We won’t obey. We’ll go to jail.”

Scarborough confirmed congressmen “are lining up to sign the document.” “The undeniable case is that when same-sex “marriage’ becomes, declared by the Supreme Court, as the law of the land, they will begin to enforce it, like all civil rights laws.” That is where the civil disobedience will loom large. “We’re saying, before that, we will never obey that tyrannical law. It’s counter to natural law, and God’s higher law. “We will simply refuse to comply with recognizing same-sex ‘marriage’ as legitimate,” he said.

Since none of the members of Congress and none of these hate group leaders will have the responsibility of issuing marriage licenses, threats of civil disobedience are, of course, entirely laughable unless they plan to throw their bodies in front of county clerks’ offices.