VIRGINIA: Catholic Bishops Angry That Pro-Gay Gov Will Lead St. Patrick’s Parade

The Catholic bishops of Virgina have issued a joint statement denouncing (of all groups) the Knights of Columbus over their invitation for Gov. Terry McAuliffe to lead this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

We are aware that the Knights of Columbus Council #3548 has extended an invitation to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to serve as Grand Marshal of the 2015 Norfolk Saint Patrick’s Day Parade which the Governor has accepted. Council #3548, a regional, not parish council, has sponsored and organized this parade since its inception in 1967. The invitation was issued without the advice or consent of the local parish priest, the local bishop, or the Knights state council. Together with our brother bishops, we have been clear, consistent and firm in upholding the truths reflected in the fundamental doctrine and moral principles of our faith. It is an erroneous and serious mistake in judgment for any Catholic organization to grant awards, honors and platforms to any public person who clearly acts in defiance to Catholic teaching. While one must always respect the Office of the Governor and the person holding that office, and dialogue should be fostered, one cannot deny that the Governor has made public statements in opposition to the moral teaching of the Catholic Church on issues pertaining to the dignity of human life and marriage.

Wingnut infighting. Never not funny.