Tony Perkins Applauds Charlotte

“Hundreds of people packed out the small space in a heated debate over the city’s special SOGI ordinance. In unprecedented numbers, more than 120 signed up to speak at the meeting before the members voted on a measure that would strip the First Amendment rights of anyone with a biblical view of sexuality. In the end, though, even carving out the most objectionable provision couldn’t save the bill. Forty thousand emails, a few rallies, and several alerts later, members voted 6-5 to kill the bill — handing the Left another crushing defeat in its bid to silence and punish conservatives for their views. At the meeting, homosexual activists insisted this was a matter of life and death for the LGBT community. The reality is, these efforts are a matter of livelihood and the death of freedom for Christians across America. Bakers, fire chiefs, policeman, lobbyists, teachers, wedding planners — they’re all being forced by the government to check their beliefs at the workplace door under measures exactly like this one. Fortunately, the American people are starting to catch on to the Left’s march and demanding leaders send these SOGI ordinances where they belong: to the trash bin. Our thanks to everyone in Charlotte who stood on principle and sent a powerful message to the Left — not in our town!” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via press release.