Today’s Money Beg From Brian Brown

“So far, we’ve raised over $62,000 online toward our $100,000 match. That’s significant, but still leaves a huge amount that we have an opportunity to claim. The hard left that wants to redefine marriage is backed by billionaires like George Soros, Paul Singer and Tim Gil. They have a seemingly unlimited stream of resources to throw behind their radical agenda. They have the backing of Hollywood and the media, which gives their ideology billions of dollars in free advertising. NOM has YOU. We aren’t backed by billionaires who write us blank checks, we’re funded by people just like you making sacrificial gifts to ensure marriage has a strong voice defending it in society. Joe, I need you to make a donation right now so that marriage will still have a voice defending it in society.” – Hate group leader Brian Brown, in a money beg for NOM’s coming hate march in Washington, DC.