Today In NOM Hypocrisy

“A New Jersey school teacher needs your help right away. Patricia Januzzi, a teacher at the Catholic Immaculata High School in New Jersey, is under fire and in danger of losing her job because she posted her opinions (which are not, in fact, contrary to the professed beliefs of the Catholic Church) about marriage and family on her Facebook page. In other words, activists are trying to pressure a Catholic School to fire a teacher for simply being a good Catholic! Contradicting same-sex ‘marriage’ orthodoxy means retaliation, we’ve seen it time and again. Apparently, these radical activists believe so much in their moral superiority that they believe they can dictate what a religion 2,000 years old and followed by over a billion people worldwide can and cannot say in public.  Joe, this is the true end-game of same-sex ‘marriage’ activists! They want to silence people like you and me and prevent us from being able to voice any opposition whatsoever to their radical agenda!” – Hate group leader Brian Brown, who very curiously said nothing two months ago when the Miami Archdiocese announced that they will fire any employee who uses social media to express support for LGBT rights.