SLOVENIA: Same-Sex Marriage Survives Veto Attempt In National Council

Good news, but this also happened today:

Opponents of same-sex marriage in Slovenia on Tuesday filed a referendum initiative with parliament that seeks to overturn the country‘s week-old law legalizing the unions, the STA news agency reported. Organizers have collected more than 80,000 signatures since March 3, when parliament passed an amendment redefining marriage as a union between two adults instead of a “man and a woman.” The law requires 2,500 signatures for a referendum initiative to be filed with the parliament, which then decides on whether it can move forward. If it does, at least a 20 per cent turnout among the 1.7 million registered voters is required for the result to be validated. Slovenia‘s gays and lesbians have been allowed to register same-sex unions since 2006. But without the legal recognition of marriage, gay couples have been unable to adopt children. Opposition to gay adoption has been the centrepiece of the referendum campaign.

Stand by the usual US-based haters to pour support into the repeal campaign.