PERU: Monsignor Calls Gay Politician A “Faggot” As Civil Unions Vote Nears

The Peruvian Congress is about to vote on civil unions, prompting Monsignor Luis Barbaren to call the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Carlos Bruce, a “faggot.” Barbaren: “He said he’s gay, but gay is not a Peruvian word. The word is maricon (faggot).” Barbaren’s words came at a ceremony held today to honor the Catholic victims of the terrorist group Shining Path.

UPDATE: Follow Rep. Carlos Bruce on Twitter. The vote should take place sometime within the next couple of hours. The hashtag for the civil unions vote is #UnionCivilYA.

CORRECTION: Google Translate identified Barbaren as an “archbishop” but it appears that he is merely a bishop. I’ve changed the headline and text of this post to use the title in the original text.