NORTH CAROLINA: Local Haters Object To Charlotte’s Proposed LGBT Rights Bill

Via press release from the NC Values Coalition:

Don’t do it Charlotte! Should Christian photographers in Charlotte be required to photograph a same-sex wedding ceremony? Should a Christian t-shirt printer be required to print t-shirts for a gay pride parade? Should a Christian adoption agency be required to place a child with a same-sex couple? No, of course not. Unfortunately, Charlotte businesses could soon be forced to make the difficult choice between providing services and promoting messages that violate their religious beliefs or facing legal harassment and financial penalties. This expansion of Charlotte’s nondiscrimination law would not only threaten the religious liberty of Christian business owners, but it will also threaten the safety of women and children in Charlotte’s public restrooms because it will require public restrooms to be open to use by persons of any sex. This means that any man claiming to identify as a woman would be allowed to use a public women’s restroom!