NEW JERSEY: Appellate Court Dismisses “Prayer” Suit Against Applebee’s

From the New York Daily News:

A New Jersey man who suffered burns to his face and legs from a sizzling-hot steak fajita skillet while praying had his suit against Applebee’s thrown out. Divine intervention doesn’t trump common sense, the state appellate court in Camden, N.J. ruled Wednesday. Hiram Jimenez claimed a waitress at the Westampton, N.J., restaurant did not tell him the skillet was hot during a 2010 visit with his brother, reported. When the order arrived, he bowed his head in prayer over the entrée and the skillet splashed him with grease in the left eye and face, according to the suit. Jimenez then knocked the plate onto his lap. A lower court dismissed the case and a two-judge panel agreed. Applebee’s was not negligent, they ruled.

The court ruled that it was “self-evident” that a sizzling plate of food would be hot.