Nebraska Archbishop Has The Marriage Sadz, Asks Catholics To Fast & Pray

“The consequences of Judge Bataillon’s decision are real: his injunction undermines the democratically expressed will of the people, and it undermines the role of the family in our basic social order. Marriage is the civil institution that unites children with their mothers and fathers, not just the public recognition of a committed relationship for the fulfillment of adults. Every child has the right to know, and as far as possible, be united with his or her mother and father. Governments ought to promote marriage between a man and a woman in order to ensure that children born from their union will realize that right. Supporting the rights of children has never been more clearly important. But rather than support the rights of children, Judge Bataillon has imposed on the people of Nebraska a new, adult-centric view of marriage. It is appropriate that Judge Bataillon issued a stay of his decision, allowing for immediate legal recourse. We ask all Catholics and people of good will to continue to fast and pray that God’s plan for marriage and family life will be affirmed.” – Archbishop of Omaha George Lucas (seriously), via press release.