MINNESOTA: Trans Man Goes Viral With His #Occupotty Selfies Campaign

Via Rochester, Minnesota’s NBC affiliate:

Minnesota lawmakers introduced legislation that would require high school students to use the locker rooms and restrooms determined by their birth sex. Now, local transgender advocates are fighting back and the response is going viral. “I don’t think any women want me walking into the bathroom with them,” laughed Michael Hughes. Hughes is a transgender man living in Rochester whose mirror selfies are drawing attention to a commode conundrum.

“So I come in, go right to the mirror with a female friend behind me, and we quick get the selfie, and get back out before anybody comes in and gets startled by my presence in the women’s restroom,” Hughes said, pointing his cell phone at the mirror of the women’s restroom at the People’s Food Co-op. Just four days ago Hughes posted a photo of himself in a women’s restroom with a female friend in the background. One glance can affirm – Hughes does not look like one of the girls.

Using hashtags like #Occupotty and the caption “Do I look like I belong in the women’s facilities?” Michael Hughes is showing what it would be like if he was required to use the restroom determined by his birth sex. The response has been huge.

Hughes is interviewed in the below report.