Mark Mothersbaugh Talks To Google Play

Stereogum recaps:

Mark Mothersbaugh was born legally blind. It wasn’t until he was in second grade that he was finally diagnosed with myopia and got his first pair of glasses. In a new animated video made for Google Play, the DEVO member narrates how his discovery of the world led him to want to become an artist. Then, he recounts the first time he saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show and how that made him want to become a musician, too. “We decided we weren’t observing evolution, we were observing de-evolution, and we decided to write music about that,” he explains the start of DEVO’s mission.

Besides his work in Devo, Mothersbaugh has written scores for dozens of movies, video games, and television shows, including the theme song for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.