IRELAND: New Marriage Campaign Launches With Dozens Of Testimonials

From the Independent:

A new campaign launched today hopes to persuade people to vote yes in the same sex marriage referendum by showing how lives will be changed if passed. The Vote With Us campaign has enlisted a broad spectrum of public figures and regular citizens both gay and straight who share their own experiences and state why they are voting yes. More than 50 people have submitted videos, while campaign organisers are hoping more people will send in videos to create an even bigger catalogue. Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy appears in one video saying voters will not vote against the referendum as an act of defiance against the Government. “I think people know that the best way to strike a blow against the establishment in this country is to vote Yes. It would be a clear statement in favour of equal rights; against discrimination,” he said. “It would be another blow pushing back against the homophobia that still is fairly widespread in our society.”

See all the videos so far. Below is the clip from Green Party leader Eamon Ryan, followed by drag legend Panti Bliss.