ILLINOIS: Library To Pay Settlement To Kevin DuJan And Creationist Sidekick

Homocon Kevin DuJan and creationist loon Megan Fox have won a $55K settlement from a Chicago-area library over their FOIA complaints that porn was being viewed on its computers. The Chicago Tribune reports:

Orland Park Public Library officials have approved a settlement with two patrons who sued the library over alleged transparency law violations in an ongoing dispute over the library’s policy of giving adults unfiltered access to the Internet, including pornography. Last fall, Megan Fox and Kevin DuJan filed two lawsuits against the library, alleging several violations of Illinois’ freedom of information law. Orland Park and its police department were also accused in one of the suits of violating the law. The settlement includes a $55,000 payment by the library’s insurance company to Fox, DuJan and their attorneys, resolves current complaints over alleged violations of the FOI law and the state’s open meetings law and sets up procedures for handling future public records requests from Fox and DuJan, according to a statement from Library Director Mary Weimar. Fox and DuJan have been outspoken critics of the library since October 2013, when they claimed they saw men viewing pornography on library computers, which is permitted under library policies. The pair filed dozens of FOI requests, seeking records on library policies and personnel.

Late last year I reported that the spokeswoman for the library is also suing DuJan and Fox for defamation. That case is apparently still pending. Hit the top link for more on the settlement. (Tipped by JMG reader Larry)