FLORIDA: Mother & Toddler Go Into Hiding Over Child’s Court-Ordered Circumcision

From the West Palm Beach ABC affiliate:

A judge has ordered the arrest of a local mother who has refused a court order to have her son circumcised. Heather Hironimus was supposed to turn over her 4-year-old son Chase and appear before a judge by 2 p.m. Tuesday. When Hironimus was a no-show, the judge signed a writ of bodily attachment which allows law enforcement to find and bring her to court. Hiroimus’s attorney said Tuesday that Chase was “terrified” to undergo the procedure and Hironimus checked into an undisclosed domestic violence crisis shelter to protect him. Due to privacy laws, attorneys did not have to disclose the location of the shelter to the judge or law enforcement. Last month, when Chase’s father won a drawn-out legal battle to have his son circumcised, Hironimus went into hiding with her son.

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