Flipping The Script On Religious Liberty

Via press release from Truth Wins Out:

“If LGBT people can be discriminated against based on faith, so can Christians,” said Truth Wins Out Executive Director Wayne Besen. “And there are millions of Americans who are not Christian and may abuse these laws to exclude people based on their Christian beliefs. This, of course, would be wrong, but in our current society today, many people still don’t see this same injustice when it’s done to gay people. They call it ‘religious freedom’. The Flipping the Script videos show it for what it really is, discrimination.” In our latest ad, a gay man who runs a theater company forbids a Christian from buying tickets to a show after he sees a cross hanging from his neck. Citing the fictitious “Church of Harvey Fierstein,” he directs the Christian to go to a theater that shows “Passion of the Christ.” This is a plausible example of what could occur under such ridiculous bills that allow the gutting of anti-discrimination laws based on declarations of “sincere” faith. The video dramatization was created for Truth Wins Out by Chicago-based writer and performance artist Eric Clements, and filmmaker Ben Nissen.