Eurovision 2015: Britain’s Entry

Many are not crazy about the selection made by the BBC:

The duo behind the UK’s Eurovision entry have welcomed criticism of their song, Still In Love With You. The Guardian called the track “nightmarish”, while The Independent branded it “instantly forgettable”. But singer Alex Larke told the BBC: “I like the fact it divides opinion. It’s better than everyone having apathy for it.” Bianca Nicholas, who shares the vocals, added: “There’s a lot of ballads this year, so our song will stand out.” Larke described it as a “Marmite song”, while Nicholas pointed out that “a party song” was “really fitting” as Eurovision celebrates its 60th anniversary. The duo, who go by the name of Electro Velvet, did not exist before Eurovision, although Larke said he had been “looking to write some songs with Bianca”. The song was written by David Mindel, a jingle writer whose previous credits include the theme tunes for National Lottery Live and Jim’ll Fix It. It was chosen through an open selection process which saw hundreds of entries from both professional and amateur songwriters.

The top-rated comment on YouTube: “How to destroy the Islamic State? I think the BBC has found the answer.”  I don’t think it’s terrible. It certainly stands out from most of this year’s treacle.