Chic – I’ll Be There

Via the Los Angeles Times:

More than 20 years after Chic’s last album, the titans of disco and forefathers of today’s dance music have a brand new single. Billed as Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, the new song “Ill Be There” is a revival of an old sound while still sounding completely contemporary. It’s based on tracks Rodgers originally recorded with the group Sister Sledge and later revamped with the modern house music duo the Martinez Brothers. “The outtake became a new song called ‘I’ll Be There,’ so named because when I discovered my band’s co-founder Bernard Edwards’ body a few hours after he’d passed away, I said, ‘Now, I can be there for you in death, the way you were there for me in life,'” Rodgers wrote on his website. “Back in the day ‘Nard always looked out for me. I was the reckless one. We had lots of fun and good times. So on the song’s surface it’s really happy. It’s about the origin of CHIC, and how dance music changed our lives forever.”

Chic has been nominated to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame nine times but have still not won inclusion.