CHARLOTTE: City Council Rejects LGBT Rights Bill In 6-5 Vote Even After Stripping Transgender Restroom Protections

On the slim upside, we saw some real heroes tonight – both at the speakers’ podium and in City Councilwoman Lawana Mayfield.

UPDATE: The Charlotte Observer reports:

After its most contentious meeting in years, Charlotte City Council voted down the most controversial bill they have considered in years, an amended nondiscrimination ordinance that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to protected categories. The bill failed 6 to 5, with both supporters and opponents of the original bill voting against it. Council members voted to remove the section of the ordinance that would have allowed transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. That issue drew the most vigorous opposition from dozens of speakers. “All over the world, there are restrooms for men and restrooms for women,” said council member Ed Driggs, a Republican. “It does not place an unreasonable burden on them and it does not stigmatize them.”

RELATED: In the clip below the Charlotte Observer recaps some of tonight’s most virulently anti-gay speakers including Pastor Flip Benham. Also featured in the clip is Richard Pope, the douchecanoe who began the day by brandishing the below sign outside of the building.

UPDATE II: The Charlotte Observer has posted a second clip featuring excerpts from supporters of the ordinance.