Breitbart Has The SCOTUS Brief Sadz

Anti-gay crackpot Austin Ruse writes:

If supporters of traditional marriage ever wonder why the issue gets little traction in the GOP, they need look no further than the amicus brief submitted by many political and policy leaders in the upcoming gay marriage case before the Supreme Court. Former head of the Republican Party Ken Mehlman organized the brief that has been signed by no less than twenty-six senior Romney staffers, at least forty senior policy staffers for George Bush père et fils, also six Huntsman staffers, two former Scott Walker staffers, one sitting Governor (Massachusetts) and two sitting U.S. Senators (Collins of Maine, and Kirk of Illinois). It appears that not a single person who served in the Reagan administration signed the brief.

The signers are asking the Supreme Court to overturn the wishes of the citizens in 32 states who have voted, sometimes overwhelming, including in the liberal states of California, to enshrine man-woman marriage in their state constitutions. Only four states’ citizens voted in favor of gay marriage, and only eight state legislatures have voted that way. Almost all the state laws have been overturned by courts and will get a final airing out before the Supreme Court in April.

The Supreme Court could impose gay marriage on all 50 states, or it could allow the 32 laws in favor of traditional marriage to stand. This brief, along with an earlier one submitted by 300 corporations, makes it clear where elites stand on this issue. It is interesting that the judge in the Proposition 8 Case in California lamented the relative powerlessness of homosexuals, particularly since this group, which constitutes less than 3 percent of the population, has the support of the President of the United States, along with the Pentagon, all major newspapers, more than 300 major corporations and the political establishment even among Republicans.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Ruse was fired by the American Family Association last year after a guest-hosting spot on their radio network during which he declared that liberal university officials “should all be taken out and shot.” Ruse also claims that a Vatican priest once offered him absolution if he were to murder Hillary Clinton. Ruse is the head of C-FAM, the Catholic Family & Human Rights
Institute, which is a member of the World Congress of Families, the
coalition working with NOM and others to export anti-gay hatred to
foreign counties. During a speech at CPAC 2012, Ruse denounced the United Nations for issuing a resolution against the gay death penalty.