Bill Whatcott Flees To The Philippines

Infamous Canadian ex-gay crackpot Bill Whatcott has announced that he has permanently moved to the Philippines. Whatcott has been hauled into court multiple times on charges of hate speech, but in January he won a defamation suit against the CBC over their report that he was distributing the lyrics to a song titled Kill The Homosexuals. One wonders what he’s running from in Canada or what he’s running to in the Philippines. (Tipped by JMG reader David)

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Last year Whatcott and Porno Pete LaBarbera were arrested
at a Canadian university after they refused to stop distributing
anti-gay materials. When they returned for their trial in October, they
preceded their court appearance by picketing the courthouse with anti-gay signs. They were found not guilty in December. Also last year Whatcott infiltrated Vancouver’s pride parade under a false name and handed out fake condom packets
which featured anti-gay screeds and a photo of an emaciated AIDS
patient. In May last year Whatcott filed a complaint against a computer
repair store which he claims refused him service on the basis of his religious beliefs.