Ben Carson Files For Presidential Bid

Tea Party darling Ben Carson has filed the Federal Elections Commission paperwork to formally announce his “potential” presidential candidacy. Here’s the first money beg:

I’ve decided to explore a potential run for the office of President because I believe my values, life experience, and willingness to speak the truth and seek solutions, prepares me well to lead our nation toward more prosperity, security, and freedom for every American. As I travel around the country to listen, learn and determine whether or not this is a race I can win, your financial support during the next two months will be extremely helpful. To make a secure contribution to my exploratory committee now, please go here. I look forward to working with you, and the rest of our fellow citizens to restore the promise of America. Thank you, and God Bless America.

RELATED: Last month the National Review revealed that the National Draft Ben Carson for President Super PAC isn’t affiliated with Carson and that none of the $13M already raised has actually gone to him. Carson’s campaign manager pleads: “People giving money think it’s going to Dr. Carson and it’s not. Our hands are tied. We don’t want people exploited.”

UPDATE: And now there’s a video.