AUSTRALIA: Hate Group Tries To Air Anti-Marriage Equality Ad During Sydney Mardi Gras, Network Refuses

Via SameSame:

SBS has flatly refused to show a controversial fear-mongering advertisement for ‘traditional marriage’ during tonight’s broadcast of Sydney Mardi Gras Parade highlights – and the maker of the ad is very annoyed about it. Australian Marriage Forum lobby group President Dr David van Gend, who appears in the ad simply billed as a ‘family doctor’, explained in an email to his supporters yesterday: “Our ad was booked and paid for to be shown tomorrow night during the SBS delayed broadcast of the Parade – but only yesterday our agent received this message from SBS management: “We choose not to run this TVC for the Marriage Forum during the Mardi Gras telecast.” “No explanation,” says a rankled van Geld. “As I see it, this is a case of censorship by a public broadcaster of even the mildest expression of ‘unacceptable opinion’ on same-sex marriage. That is a disgrace.”

NOTE: This post was edited to reflect that the ad did not air.