Alabama Businesses Sign Equality Pledge reports:

Continental Bakery owner Carole Griffin has been making food and beverages for the people of Birmingham for three decades, a calling that has brought her success and visibility. During that time, Griffin has always made decisions about who to hire to help at her cafes without granting preference to anyone based on their gender, sexuality or sexual preference. On Monday she joined Human Rights Campaign Alabama at her downtown Birmingham location to announce that she and more than 100 other Alabama businesses are pledging not to discriminate in their hiring practices. Ashley Jackson, state director of Human Rights Campaign Alabama, said the initiative, dubbed the Equality Is Our Business Program, is an important step forward for the state and its companies. “These over 100 small businesses have joined our Equality Is Our Business Program, and are not alone,” she said. “The Equality Is Our Business Program offers businesses the opportunity to sign a pledge, put a sticker in their windows and participate in a series of [educational courses.]”

The growing list of businesses is here.