WEST VIRGINIA: GOP Senate Leader Says “No Way” To Ban On LGBT Rights

Via the Associated Press:

Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael says there’s “no way” the Senate will consider a proposal to nullify local ordinances that protect gay and transgender people from housing and employment discrimination. The Jackson County Republican made the remarks Thursday to the AP. The West Virginia Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act would prohibit any local nondiscrimination ordinances stricter than state law. West Virginia doesn’t include gay and transgender housing and employment protections. A House committee cleared the bill Wednesday. Five cities, including Charleston, have similar nondiscrimination ordinances. Republican bill sponsor Del. Karen Arvon said rules should be uniform and predictable. Democratic Del. Stephen Skinner, the only openly gay state lawmaker, said it’s “legislative gay bashing.” The House has a public hearing on the bill Friday. A similar law took effect this week in Arkansas.

BOOM! And from a Republican. Double boom!