One Million Moms Vs Free WiFi

Just in via email:

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are attracting pedophiles and sex offenders to McDonald’s – where we bring our children to eat and play – and where illegal p-rn can be accessed easily with anonymity. Because there are no filters to block online p-rnography and child p-rnography in these restaurants that so many families like yours and mine frequent, this toxic illegal content is readily available in every Starbucks and McDonald’s in America. The best way to combat this growing trend – and to protect our children – is for you and me to pressure companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks to implement filtering to block p-rnography on their public Wi-Fi networks. TAKE ACTION: Sign our letter of petition to McDonald’s and Starbucks to be delivered to the CEO’s of both companies and their Board of Directors. We will include only your name and state on the petition. Your support will help us get protective WiFi in McDonald’s and Starbucks 25,000 combined locations to protect children and families.

The email goes on to vow that One Million Moms will stop unfiltered free WiFi in all public places.