OKLAHOMA: Bill To Prohibit Regulation Of Ex-Gay Torture Advances In House

With an eye on what has happened in California and New Jersey, today an Oklahoma House committee approved state Rep. Sally Kern’s bill to prohibit the state from regulating “ex-gay” torture therapy. Kern, the chair of the committee, claims her bill is the first of its kind in the nation. Her bill is expected to face strong opposition before the full chamber.

Earlier today the “ex-gay” crackpots at Voice Of The Voiceless (Christopher Doyle’s group) issued a ranting press release about the Oklahoma bill. An excerpt:

HB 1598 is a big step for parental rights and religious liberty for Oklahoma families, especially those who struggle with sexual and gender identity confusion. This bill protects the freedom of individuals to seek help from mental health providers and faith-based counselors for support, spiritual direction, and pastoral care and counseling. Oklahoma Children and their families should be provided with ethical, safe, and effective support to overcome conflicts surrounding their sexual identity/orientation and their spirituality, especially confused victims of childhood sexual abuse! HB 1598 ensures that children who are molested and/or are victims of sexual abuse and experience unwanted same-sex attractions as a result, have the freedom to get the counseling that aligns with their values!

As we all know, “ex-gay” torture often results in suicide. But that’s apparently fine with Sally Kern, who is on record as saying that homosexuality is worse than terrorism.