NOM Exploits Florist For Money Beg

‘I never imagined that using my God-given talents and abilities, and doing what I love to do for over three decades, would become illegal.’ Those are the words of Baronelle Stutzman, the owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington, in her letter to Attorney General Bob Ferguson. You see, AG Ferguson sued Ms. Stutzman for unlawful discrimination because she acted consistent with her faith and declined to use her creative skills to beautify a same-sex ‘wedding’ ceremony. According to AG Ferguson, freedom of religion means the ability to believe whatever you want, but does not include the freedom to act consistent with those beliefs publicly! Is that the America you know, love and believe in? Well, thanks to radicals trying to redefine marriage, it’s increasingly becoming the America we live in. We must stand up to this radical and un-American gutting of our ability to live and act consistent with our faith! Will you stand with us by making a generous and fully tax-deductible donation today?” – Hate group leader Brian Brown, in his tenth money beg this month.