NEW ZEALAND: Queer Group Vandalizes More Banks And A Police Station

Via Stuff New Zealand:

Three ANZ bank branches and a police station are the latest targets of “pinkwashing” overnight. Pink paint has been thrown over the front of the bank’s Ponsonby and Mt Eden branches and the Ponsonby police station, accompanied by letters outlining the reasons behind the attacks. The “pinkwashing” comes days after a glittering ANZ ATM money machine was defaced. ANZ gave an Auckland ATM a glittering sequined makeover as a “GAYTM” ahead of the weekend’s Pride Parade, but by last Friday someone had smothered it in pink paint, the bank said it was “pretty sad” about the vandalism. The “pinkwashing” was initially billed as homophobic vandalism but a group called Queers Against Injustice has since claimed responsibility for defacing the GAYTM. The group took to social media to explain the meaning behind the vandalism. The group claimed the bank had “co-opted” gay symbolism for commercial purposes, using it to obscure their business practises and treatment of workers.

The bank’s LGBT employees group and Auckland Pride have denounced the crimes. Local police are seeking the public’s help in identifying the culprits. Auckland’s pride parade was this weekend.