Jersey City: America’s Most Diverse Town


From the gateway days of nearby Ellis Island to today, Jersey City has long been a true American melting pot. It’s no surprise, then, that Jersey City is the most diverse city in the country, according to a new survey. After looking at 350 of the most populated cities in the United States, finance website WalletHub found that Jersey City came in No. 1 in ethno-racial and linguistic diversity. The study analyzed information from the U.S. Census Bureau in three categories: racial and ethnic diversity, which weighed the most, as well as language diversity and region of birth diversity. Jersey City got outstanding marks in all three, coming in at No. 3 for racial and ethnic diversity (bested only by Oakland and Vallejo, Calif.), No. 4 for language diversity and No. 7 for region of birth diversity. According to 2010 Census information, more Jersey City residents identified as white (32.7 percent), but other major ethnic groups also each made up a sizable portion of the population, with Black or African American at 25.8 percent, Asian at 23.7 and Hispanic or Latino at 27.6.

See the full study here.