IOWA: Hate Group Rallies In Yet Another Attempt To Overturn Same-Sex Marriage

Via the Iowa Republican:

Almost six years have passed since the Iowa Supreme Court opened the door for gay marriages in the state. As each year passes, public opinion grows more in favor of gay marriage. However, The Family Leader, one of Iowa’s preeminent Christian conservative organizations, is not relenting in its efforts to see that court decision overturned. The group, led by Bob Vander Plaats, held its annual Life, Marriage and Family Rally at Iowa Historical Building on Tuesday. 150 conservatives from around the state gathered to hear guest speaker Del Tackett’s message for on God’s design for man and woman. Following the rally, the group ascended the steps to the State Capitol, equipped with 163 Founders’ Bibles. Thanks to the efforts of churches around the state, The Family Leader was able to compile copies of the Founders’ Bible to give to every state legislator, executive branch official and Supreme Court justice in Iowa. “Just to show our support physically by being here, I think it’s a great encouragement as our legislature gathers over these next months to know that the church certainly is lifting them up and trusting that God will speak to them as they lead our country,” said Pastor Doug Rowland from Davenport.

The bible given to legislators was written by discredited “historian” David Barton. In the clip below, Family Leader head Bob Vander Platts hits the usual loony tunes talking points about people marrying their dogs, etc etc. You may recall that in 2011 Vander Platts was investigated for allegedly offering to sell his presidential endorsement to Rick Santorum.